Flower Etched Leather Journal Diary (Handmade) with leather buckle closure

Product Features

  • Overall Length: 6 Inch, Width: 4.7 inch
  • Pages: Aprox. 110 Sheets (220 pages counting both sides)
  • Paper Type: Handmade Fiber, Recycled Biomass
  • Cover: Genuine Cowhide Leather with leather buckle closure
  • For non-prime order, will ship Expedited First Class in US with tracking.
New Price: $21.99

Product Description

Bound handmade fiber paper with Genuine Leather covers was once the standard for recording historical events, and even religious followings. This diary is handmade one at a time just like the diaries were in the Medieval Renaissance period to accurately reflect the same quality and level of detail as ancient times. This book contains 110 to 120 thick, soft pages of authentic handmade fiber paper and Recycled materials that hold any type of ink and perfect for classic calligraphy and scripting. Whether you want to write poetry or spill your heart and soul out onto the handmade fiber parch paper pages, you can personalize this handmade book to your will. The front cover of this handmade leather diary has beautiful flower patterns etched around like a rainbow. On the back cover the patterns are also etched with flower patters in it, appealing to the lines of scripting you may record onto the inner pages. The cover is 100% genuine cowhide leather and all designs are permanently embossed into the surface one at a time. Securing your personal thoughts is easy to achieve since this leather diary comes with an attached leather buckle closure. This item makes a perfect nostalgic and collectible leather journal especially in today’s high tech tablet and smart phone world.

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